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I'm Beryl and I help people find out what they should be doing, when they should be doing it, and how they should be doing it. I help them move in the direction that they want to go.

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"I have found my work with Beryl both enlightening and transforming. "

Beryl Broekman

Soul Coach

"I am a happy girl in a happy place"

With Beryl's help, Carmen Sangion had a breakthrough in her career after being stuck for a long time.

Finding Your Soul Purpose

Often people come to me and they have no idea what they should be doing. They think they should be doing something really important - they should have a soul purpose.

Their life is meaningless.

I've got news for you: It's easy to find out where you should be and what you should be doing. But sometimes we need to go deep within to your subconscious and speak to it to find out what it thinks. And then we need to go to your higher self and find out what your higher self thinks. And then we need to look at your conscious mind and see what your conscious mind thinks.

When we get them all aligned and thinking the same thing, your life will flow.

These things are tricky to do. But with my help, this won't take a lot of time. And you don't need the skill. You just need the will. So if you are interested in getting your soul purpose and your life on track - why don't you book a discovery call?

How to Find Meaning In Your Life in Three Steps:

1. Book your free discovery call

2. 1-3 consultations - Remove your blocks instantaneously

3. Manifest your dream life

If you want to get into the driver’s seat of your own destiny and build the resilience you need to face life’s challenges then this is for you.

Beryl Broekman helps you find meaning in your life

"What lights me up about my work is seeing my clients transform into free-spirited, happy individuals. I love to surprise and delight you while serving you in our work together."

About Beryl

Having lived through toxic relationships, divorce, financial restraints and health issues, I understand the frustration of living with unrealized potential within myself. Only when I discovered the subconscious block lifting technique of how to find and remove subconscious blocks swiftly, was I able to create the life of my dreams.

Now I run my own energy healing consulting firm, own a property portfolio with local and overseas investment properties, and have written and published several books. All this happened in the space of a few years with everything evolving naturally and seamlessly. I found my freedom and independence.

It is now my mission to help others transform their lives. Just as in my own experience, one consultation is all it takes to set you on a different course of action and automatically redesign your life.

What My Clients Say:



"Beryl completely transformed my life.
I feel light, my heart is full and I now only focus on myself and what I can change.
I’m alive, awaken and excited to live my best life!
Beryl has helped and guided me to be this empowered person that I am today.
I’ve been living with a dysfunctional family for 20 years. The dynamic was so negative - there was resentment, unhappiness, anger and it felt like I could never get out of the toxic environment.
The burden was heavy and unbearable. And making it worse, I was also feeling stuck and unfulfilled in my job.
Through my sessions with Beryl, she addressed my deeply rooted issues and that’s when my healing journey started. I began to witness changes progressively and positively taking place in my life.
My relationship with my family significantly improved, probably the best it’s ever been. Although I am still in the same company, things at work took a turn and I now feel highly valued, heard and appreciated.
I am truly grateful to Beryl for what she has done for me. I applied Beryl’s advice with patience and perseverance. I trusted the process and where I am now is in a much happier place, filled with love, generosity and wonderful people. I look forward to having more sessions with Beryl in the future.



"The experience has been awesome for me - the wildest rollercoaster ride I have ever had - but never have I felt such a zest for life. I feel I want to stand on Table Mountain and scream 'Watch out world I have arrived'. Thank you once again for sharing your most beautiful gift with me."



"After having half a dozen remote sessions with Beryl, I am quite astounded at the tremendous benefit received. I have been working on self improvement diligently for over 50 years and have consumed and implemented hundreds of books, dozens of CD’s, and scores of seminars as well as committed myself to numerous processes and “healers”. However, all the progress made pales in comparison to the extent and speed of progress made with Beryl. The past several months have culminated in a level of confidence, self-empowerment, clarity, strength, purpose and peace that far surpasses any achieved previously. We have released multiple layers of guilt, fear and subconscious belief blocks. I am a new man and I like it!



"My session with Beryl was both amusing and enlightening. I gained some very key and valuable insights about what I was seeking. In my case, I never told Beryl that I was searching for what I wanted to "be when I grew up" and in my session she approached the subject based on my wandering higher self. What took place after was very inspiring."

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